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22 March 2037 @ 06:52 pm
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Hi all! Afer an unannounced, pretty out of the blue break from LJ, I'm starting to get back into my fandoms and am slowly catching up on my friends' lives and everything else that's been going on while I've been away. I've also decided to make this journal largely friends only from here on out. I don't know if I'll ever write fic or make fanvids again, but if I do, those will most likely be left unlocked.

If you'd like to read about my boring life, feel free to add me, but please leave a comment here so I know who you are and can add you back. :3

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01 February 2014 @ 04:47 pm

So! I'm in an ongoing (and seemingly losing) battle with my school's financial aid. What with holiday expenses, a convention coming up in two weeks, and school expenses I still need to deal with, I need to sell some stuff rather quickly, else I'm not sure how I'm going to both a) pay for this convention and b) finish my last semester of school. D:

I'm selling mostly magazines, though there's also some other JE goods (and a few non-JE things as well, near the bottom of the post) for sale as well. I'll post a link to some pictures, but since there's a fair few things I'm trying to sell off, there may not be shots of everything. However, I'm happy to take pictures (or additional pictures) of anything you may be interested in; just ask!

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